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7 definitions by WitchyPOO

Another way of describing Bullshit.
"10 inches???? You're joking.That's nothing but a load of shit."
by WitchyPOO January 03, 2005
35 7
An adjective used to descirbe something or someone that is completely butt ugly or totally screwed up.
"Did you see that shitassed afghan that Lori received as a gift from her bloo haired Aunt GladAss?? The ugliest thing I ever saw....it was totally shitassed!"
by WitchyPOO April 06, 2004
7 0
A woman who is so loose you could parallel park up her birdy.
"Did you see that Ho_Err at the club?? What a freakin skank!"
by WitchyPOO April 07, 2004
1 0
(NOUN)The Skankiest Ho in Town.So loose a bus could parallel park up her birdy.
"OMG - did you see that filthy little HO-ERR over there? WHAT A FREAKIN SKANK!
by WitchyPOO November 27, 2003
2 1
A description of something that is GAWD_AWFUL & Vomit Inducing.
"Did you see that real ugly PINK Polka Dot dress hanging on the rack at Holts?? Who'd buy it? It's utterly Barf on Toast!"
by WitchyPOO April 07, 2004
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(Adjective) -Description of a Highly Horrible situtation.
Man that car wreck I saw on the highway on my way home tonight was the most TERRIBLE WORSE (or WORSE TERRIBLE )thinger I ever did see in all my days!
by WitchyPOO November 27, 2003
2 2
(Adjective) - Description of very hot new cool thing,in leading edge kick yo ass technology.
"I want one of them FUNK_ASS new PDA's for Christmas!!"
"My Dad bought a FUNK_ASS car last week!!"
"GURL - Just look at THOSE Manolo Blahniks on that shelf over there - aren't they just totally FUNK_ASS?!!!"
by WitchyPOO November 27, 2003
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