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a combination of the words "funny" and "pundit." A person who speaks on "list" shows such as VH1's "I love the..." series.
Michael Ian Black is the coolest fundit ever.
by Poop Face December 09, 2004

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Word recently used on The Colbert Report opening; Presumably a portmanteau of "Fundie" (fundamentalist) and "Pundit", or possibly "Fun" and "Pundit".
Stephen T. Colbert, DFA, is a Fundit
by Riffraffselbow October 01, 2009
A phrase usually said in jest to mock another person's idea. The idea is usually stupid and lame with little market value.
Person A: Okay so get this...how about for a new video game, we pit four players against a zombie invasion! Except here's the twist: all the zombies are CLOWN zombies!
Person B: FUND IT!
by Mattanonymous February 15, 2009