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FUNDIO - (additive) It comes from a Mexican origin and means many things. But primarily means very smelly asshole.
However, can be used when describing a fowl poo-nan.
Dame that vato over there smells like a crusty fundio!
by Patty Gillespie August 16, 2006
fundio, prenounced (foon-dee-oh) is a south of the border term for a gay caucasion male.
aye homie, look at that poo poo pushin fundio eat that hotdog,
by dreyjo August 05, 2006
also pronounced "foon-dee-oh" (from fundido), but in caribbean spanish means crazy, esp. for a girl
"esa nena me tiene fundio"
*that girl is all i can think about
by anasota December 12, 2007