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fucking wonderful
"Funderful? Combination of 'fun' and 'wonderful'?"
"Nope. Fucking wonderful."
- Daily Show, 21 April 2004
by Captial 'Z' April 23, 2004
29 34
adjective to describe something that is at once both wonderful and fun.
"i'm so excited for this tour, it's going to be funderful"
by barcosbarcos April 21, 2004
69 26
1. fun and wonderful

2. fucking wonderful
I had a funderful time at camp with Adam B!
by chaViva La Vida November 08, 2009
14 2

not fucking wonderful!!!
him: I'm got my licence!!

her: funderful!
by special mcwow June 05, 2005
27 20
A word combination of 'fun' and 'wonderful'.
OMG! That's so funderful!:D
by cheerleader15 January 08, 2012
2 0
Something which is both fun and wonderful.
PERSON1: I cannot wait for the circus tomorrow.
PERSON2: I know, It'll be absolutley funderful.
by HimWhoEatsTowels July 22, 2008
8 9
Funderful - the relationship I have with my Second Life sweetheart. It's a combination of Fun and Wonderful, and has reached the level of being sublime.
A night of complete abandonment with my sweetheart composed of great music, dancing, and complete sexual satisfaction can only be described as Funderful.
by SynergyW December 10, 2007
6 17