Top Definition
the act of finding a cold spot in your bed or back side of your pillow while sleeping.
I was sound asleep and awoke to find myself funching!
by Mitchgitch November 29, 2007
Having sex during your lunch break from work.
Emma and Kyle are funching today.
by MegDizzle77 July 14, 2011
Getting punched while fucking.
Joe and Aaron like funching my wife while i'm not home.
by Funch Master February 06, 2010
Fist punching someones anus
Brooke had a permanent limp from a full night of funching from the footy team.

All the guys at the party spat on Gary's fist before he funched Brooke's asshole.
by Buttman 2000 January 01, 2014
fucking and hunching
same as having intercourse and dry sex
by anonymous March 20, 2005
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