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Words you use sarcastically when someone is bothering you. They don't really get it but it really means you either want them gone or dead and possibly buring in a hole somewhere outside of town.
Rich: Hey! what's up!? You know, you should really go out with Alyssa

Me: fun stuff *under breath* die!

Rich: what was that?

Me: nothing
by Branded for Life June 17, 2005
euphemism for female genitalia
loser at the bar: "we have so much in common"
me: "no we dont. you just want to put your dick in my fun stuff. thats no similarity. thats an unfortunate situation."
by amy christ September 08, 2005
All one word meaning something interesting or exciting.
Me: Let's go to Disney today!
Zack: Okay, Jake wanna go?
Jake: YES! funstuff!
by thefucktard February 10, 2009