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meal or entree that has been on the stove long enough to render the hapless occupant of the pan totally motionless and probably dead
Hey man, is that steak fully cooked yet, or should I go cut another piece off the beast?
by bws July 10, 2001

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blown burnt done finished had enough maxed out smoked out stoned
Smoking marijuana to the point where you can't smoke anymore.
Jim: Yo, you want this man?
Tino: Nah I'll pass...i'm fully cooked.
by Andre McCullough January 26, 2007
Smoking marijuana to the point where you cant smoke anymore.
Jim: Hey you want this man?
Tony: Nah I'll pass...I'm fully cooked
by Dreezy Mac January 31, 2007
to be all good; a positive occurance; a great movie; not raw; cool.
Yo G! That movie was fully cooked!
by strange homeless February 09, 2000