Made up rules that you convince your retarded buddies are real. Used to trick them into playing certain games incorrectly simply for your enjoyment.
Trevor: "John isn't even playing kickball right."
Ed: "Yeah, I taught him some fules so that we can laugh at him."
Trevor: "Look, he's running the bases with his dick out his pants."
All: "Hahahahahaha"
#rules #fool #idiot #ruse #dick
by pr0duct1ve June 25, 2009
Top Definition
The way a French Canadian pronounces the word 'fool'.
Don't step on my bananas, you fule!
#french #canadian #patrouppi #canada #montreal #france #quebec
by Frank Barron December 11, 2008
a fool fule!
u fule!
by steven August 19, 2003
From Chinese PinYin system, means "be convinced" or "be conquered completely by the other". From some very famous Chinese movies directed and acted by Zhou XingChi ---Stephen Chow
Oh,u killed the furious bear??!!! I fule U!!!

Oh,u actually stolen yr gf's money??How could u do that?!! I fule u!
#be convince #conquer #fule #beaten #admire
by Niky5 August 22, 2006
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