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The anxious, and excited state which occurs after a revelation concerning ingredients that can lead to a potentially awesome, and duly satisfying feast or meal. Does not apply to any form of drink.

Often "fulcocitiy" is noted by elevated heart-rate & short-term pupil dilation. Increased perspiration, and salivation do occur among certain people. Inability to stand still and hold face due to random gesticulation and posturing celebrating the discovery, which also may include verbal immediate-proximity domination, is very common.
Gary felt fulcoious after he discovered cinnamon, and Wang's Kung pao sauce. Thus allowing him to spice his meal in a whole new way.

Gertrud jumped about fulcoiously once she figured out that she had fours different spices from four different countries to combine with her assorted meats and vegetables for the party.
by Boi Ari De September 03, 2011
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