Adjective combining the word, full, from the phrase "full of sh*t" with the word; hilarious. Used to express what you think of someone when they try to convince you of something that is totally absurd or when they try to trick you or get away with something and have to eat their own words or it blows up in their face.
When my friend Amy and I had a run-in with someone who was pulling our chain or tried to get away with something, we said, You're fularious!", to show them we knew what they were all about. They thought they could actually pull it off but couldn't. HA!
by Penelopepi May 29, 2010
1. its like a cross bewteen fun and hilarious but its not its like better, with a provcative twist.

2. Its a hardcore repetitive movement between a man and women at a 45 degree angle.

3. Its seeing a fat person fall down and trying to get , but looks like a druken turtle rolling around
Me and your mom did the fularious last night.

by bettycrockers sex slave April 14, 2008
Fucking hilarious!!!
Paris Hilton's soundcloud sets are fularious!
by Weenies August 16, 2014

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