slang for f**k
FUGLETS! that hurt!
by foob December 10, 2003
Top Definition
the terribly ugly offspring of fucking ugly people.
Person #1: Mel, I told you not to have sex with the fug, look what happened?
Mel: Yeah, I popped out some fuglets
by Kaits March 06, 2007
When two fugly (Fucking Ugly) people have a baby.
Person 1: OMG John and Sally are both so fugly, I can't believe they got married
Person 2: Yeah I know. Hey did you hear they had a kid?
Person 1: Ughhhhh FUGLET!
by Randomicated February 14, 2009
A fugly piglet.
Man, did you see that kid with the mullet? What a fuglet!
by CMYK_iNK December 05, 2003
Ewwwwww why would he like Lucy?!?! She's such a fuglet!
by trufactz February 28, 2009
(n.) An insult used to describe a person who is on the brink of being fugly. They are kind of like fugly babies, you know that they're going to be beyond ugly when they grow up.
Person 1: I'm not going to wear any makeup tonight because I just want people to see the real me.

Person 2: Careful, you look like a fuglet without makeup.
by TytaAlba October 12, 2015
Fucking Ugly Midget
Mike: Ugh did you see that fuglet over there?!
by IMSUCHAFUGLET September 08, 2011
A child-ages may vary- that is abnormally large. Fat. Gross. And extremely ugly. They should be slapped. And beaten to death. And thrown into nazi concentration camps so they may be worked to death. AKA: A fugly person who has not quite matured yet. Fugly mother+fugly father = a filthy little fuglet of a baby.
Person 1-"Man, Look at that fugly woman over there!"

Person 2- "Damn! If you think that's bad look at her little fuglet of a baby!"
by Luke Nye March 06, 2008
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