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A person or used as an insult to a person whom could be fuggly or very shitty as a person. A "Fuglashit" is nothing but an asshole. When you see this person either on social media or in person, you instantly get very pissed or annoyed by their presents. Very inconsiderate. No one wants to be a Fuglashit. Never.
"What a fucking fuglashit!!"
"Her and her bf are such fuglashits together. All they ever wear is Under Armour!"
"He was being such a fuglashit last night at the party, I threw my drink at is face!"
"Fuck them they're fuglashits!"
"The other day I saw some fuglashits at Wal-Mart buying blocks of cheese and Monster. what fucking scum!"
by NO_THIS_IS_PATRICK! November 26, 2013
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