Fulford Underground Geurilla Army
Collection of rebel mercenaries operating out of Fulford, SSI, BC, Canada. Responsible for numerouse drug cartells in B.C.
I just bought a pound of chronic from FUGA!
by Mandalore March 09, 2006
Top Definition
An acronym, derived from military slang that means:
Fucked Up God-Awful Shit

This is similar to other military acronyms and performs the same function as fubar and snafu.
"Kobayashi planned the conference and it turned into some fugas after just an hour -- he doesn't have a clue."
by GlobalSolution November 18, 2011
Slang term for a white person; used in place of Honkey,cracker ,etc.
Fuga Please. What's up my Fugas?
by Blueprint April 16, 2011
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