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1. n. Someone who is so damn ugly, that you have no words to describe them other than using a non-existent word such as fug, which sounds nice with ugly.

2. adj. Describing a person who is a fug ugly.

Notes: Not to be confused with "fuckin' ugly".

Fugly is also an acceptable synonym.
As a noun:
1. Meet my friend, Allan Fu, more commonly known as fugly or fug ugly.

As an adjective:
2. I just saved you the cost of prescription glasses by not posting a picture of my fug ugly friend.
by SE(x,y) Softie June 23, 2004
a person, usually a female, whom is fat, gay (i.e. lame), and ugly.
It is true that Heather if fugugly, but she gives great head!
by Sir Real December 10, 2005
fuckin gross and ugly
eww shes fucking ugly, oh wait shes got shit hanging out of her shes fucking gross and ungly, or even better shes fugugly
by 9784578p June 12, 2007
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