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an all around fucktard, dickweed, assrat bastard, that can easily be mistaken for a boner-biting dick-fart fuckface.
Gawd Jen is such a fug nug, i could just betch slap that shet bag.
by jenniferlewisisawhore November 26, 2008

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A Fugnug is a simpleton. One whose brain cavity is filled with a creamy nuggety center. Other than Brain Gray Matter.
The ladies I grew up with are definitely Fugnugs!! To their credit I must say, they all overcame this debilitating state of mind!
by TJ NESSANARY March 07, 2014
1) -A word that deems women to be ugly or unattractive.
2)- A word used as a filler for "curse words".

Adj.- fugnuging- the act of fugnuging or filling in for a "curse word".
Vrb.- fugnuged- you fugnuged a time before.
1) Ewwww look at that grotesque fugnug!

2) Awww fugnug! You fugnuging fugnug! Fugnug you, fugnug you too, i fugnuged your mom last night.
by Turtlefred12 February 13, 2012