When a woman takes it in the vagina after it has been in the anus. Therefore it has been fudge packed.
"Last night, I gave her a fudgina, it was glorious!"
by Corrie McNulty June 11, 2008
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The condition in which a vagina has been subjected to fecal matter by means of "wiping back to front" after defecation. The end result can range from a ghostly streak of brown to a thick, dark, fudge-like caking of the pudenda.
Sally's fudgina was unique in the fact that it was speckled with corn and peanut fragments.
by Michael Reschke June 08, 2006
A vagina full of fudge, or a fat girl's vagina
Damn, that fat girl has a fudgina.
by NickAlert November 19, 2010
When a girl wipes from back to front
She just wiped wrong and smeared poop all over her vagina, now making it a fudgina
by Sleepy3669 November 05, 2009
A Fudgina occurs when fecal waste is spread about the vaginal area. This usually occurs when a female human specimen/donkey wipes her anal region, and slowly procedes to to her vaginal area.(See Fudgineer)
Sara came to work with a fudgina. She is a fudgineer.
by Lords of SnodGrass June 02, 2006

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