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n. 1. a horrid smelling turd 2. any single turd with visible corn in it
Whew! That Taco Bell earlier today contributed to my incredible stank fudger that I just placed in your water tank.
by mrtuesdaynight January 06, 2003
12 19
One who likes to give it to another man up his sphincter.
'Do you think Andrew is a FUDGER or not?' 'He 100% loves giving another man his cock juice, he is a massive FUDGER'

'Chris loves getting his Fudge packed by Andrew, they are a pair of fudgers'
by Angrydragon December 08, 2013
13 2
A bit like a fucker, but who likes giving up the other.
Roger said "I was giving her a real hard seeing to up the arse, pulled my cock out covered in bum-butter"

Dave replied "You dirty fudger! Did you wipe it on her back?"
by DesignerE December 01, 2006
17 15
A curse word to use if you're around your parents or other adults; the more polite way to curse.
Oh fudgers, I failed my math test!
by Thedreaminterpreter October 02, 2013
1 0
technicly the same as fucker.
jackie you fudger!
by SlipknotSlavE555 December 11, 2003
14 16