The result of placing fecal matter into a cup, and having someone eat it.
Have you seen 'Two Girls One Cup'?! One of them made a fudgemuffin. and the other ate it!
by Gabesauce March 16, 2011
Top Definition
Spawning from a bizarre idea for food, this word can substitute for any curse word. It can also be used randomly. Literally, a muffin made out of fudge.
"What the fudgemuffin?"
by Vuffster June 29, 2003
A kinder, gentler word for fuck. Part of my Series of Ok Words.
Man, I can't get it up. Fudgemuffin!!!!
by Ziggy Loserman October 23, 2003
A cyber-friendly version of the word 'Fuck'. Also connotates to being starving.
I'm so fudgemuffinsing bored! Mmm...fudgemuffins...
by Blade Of Shadows March 01, 2011
A way to say man that really sucks but I dont care at all
OH man that is a fudgemuffin for sure
by shakinmycrackers April 03, 2009
expression of exasperation. used by itself, not in sentences.
I want to break up Daniel
by David Versipel December 01, 2007
A phrase used in place of the "F" word. Originaly invented by Sean Kirkpatrick (age 12) in 2005. This phrase has become very popular in the western United States
"What the fudge muffin are you doing to my girlfriend?!"
by fudgy000 February 06, 2008
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