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A classy name given to someone who is (or is being) a complete idiot.
Fred's just a fudgenutter. Ignore him and hopefully he'll go away.
by Stuart October 13, 2003
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Instead of saying "fucker" saying "fudgenutter"
Joe: Jeez, That girl over there is such a preppy fudgenutter.
Jack: I know what you mean.
by leann/grace April 22, 2008
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to not curse in class or at ur parents, to curse in front of old ladys and them to tell u a long ass story about there "days" like they met god one time
fudge-nutter i got a d+ on my test",(example for when ur near an old lady) "fudge-nutter i smell old people
by the dude of awesomeness October 18, 2010
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