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1. one who engages in the act of felching.

2. a fairly mild insult, which can also be used as a term of endearment, of a similar variety to wanker. Not to be confused with:

3. A 'complete' or 'total' fudge muncher: who is a proper useless prick.
1. You could tell by the shit stains on his chin, he was a fudge muncher.

2. Coming down the caf, yer fudge muncher?

3. All the leaders of the British Conservative Party have been complete and, indeed total, fudge munchers for yonks.
by edjog October 08, 2005
for one dude to eat another guys ass
omg i went to nathans house and he was being fudgemunched by des. i sed yu fag i didnt kno yu were a fudgemuncher
by James Phillips May 15, 2008
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