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Your wang after bare-backing. Needed to properly execute a brown necktie or Dirty Sanchez.
"After I pulled out I had a fudge pickle so I gave her a brown necktie."
by Telesonic June 06, 2005
When you here the word "Fudgepickles" you may think that it means a pickle covered in fudge but "Fudgepickles" is a word used when you have the need to say a bad word but cannot because you are in an area where is not allowed. The word Fudgepickles comes in handy when you are at school, work, at home, or in any other place where you shouldn't say bad words.
Teacher: I'm sorry Billy but you got an F on your math test
Billy: Fudgepickles!!
by Goldenfur productions May 22, 2011
A fudge pickle is magic.
Girl 1: What the fuck was that?!?
Girl 2: That, my friend, was fudge pickle
by Pseudonym262959 October 07, 2011
An alternate word for shit, typically exclamatory as an expression of extreme remorse, or in the case of extreme scatagorical expression.
Ex. a. As the horse moved forwards, he pulled the brick cart so that the wheel rested upon the mans foot. His toes crushed and broken he exclaimed in pain "Fudgepickles!"
Ex. b. The man crouched down, his mouth open wide in the offering of his lovers soon to be delivered fudgepickles.
by Slangmaster1003 June 15, 2015

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