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when u get annoyed and you wanna just scream out a rude word but ur in class (how annoying)
OHH FUDGE NUGGETS! my pen exploded!!
by rubzsmells December 05, 2009
1. a nugget that is covered with fudge
2. a saying when u lose in mario kart because of someone cutting across the grass with a star on luigi raceway on the third lap.
Guy: dude that guy just cut across the grass with a star on luigi raceway on the third lap and u came in last.
Other Guy: Fudge Nuggets
by Warx0rz 1337 June 07, 2003
An alternative work for the 'f' word or a more interesting word for the already existing alternative for the 'f' word, fudge.
Fudgenuggets I forgot my maths folder!
by abbott_j September 14, 2009
A resposible replacement for the word "Fuck"
"Fudge nuggets! I forgot my keys!"
by Dr. Dub November 28, 2011
Fudge nugget is a word that can be used interchangably in place of fuck or fucker.
That cop is a fudge nugget, he gave me a ticket for indecent exposure, even though my titties look super nice
by Annabelle2424 February 17, 2011
A little piece of feces that sticks to your penis after being the giver in a round of anal sex
when I pulled it out of her ass, there was a little fudge nugget on the top of my junk, so I wiped it up, and licked my finger.
by Kevin February 05, 2004
Slang for "fuck" or "shit"
Oh fudge nuggets, I forgot to bring pencil crayons.

NUGGETS! I stubbed my toe.
by KendyKilljoy August 19, 2014
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