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(n.) Synonym for feces.
"You just thought it was good idea to pinch a fudge dragon in the urinal!"
by King ReMO October 11, 2006
A really big turd. Poop. Crap. Ish.

Mr. Mackey: "Let me assure there is nothing funny about going up to a nice clean - unsuspecting urinal, mmkay. Dropping your pants and then turning around... squatting over that urinal, mmkay... maybe - maybe pulling your buttcheeks apart with ur hands, mmkay. And then laying out a big fudge dragon for all the world to see."
by vtpguitarist October 12, 2006
a turd
as popularized in the hit show South Park
You probably think it's real funny to just lay a huge fudge dragon in the urinal, but it's not!
by Barchack October 12, 2006
a painful defecation
"All that Mexican food was a bad idea. This fudge dragon is breathin' fire..."
by ryanwoodsmall October 11, 2006
A long serpentine defecation that is a remnant of a contemptible bowel movement. Usually painful.
"All right! I don't care if you use my bathroom, but when you're done, make sure you flush your nasty fudge dragon!"
by Sombrewolfe May 23, 2008
A steamy, greased turd in the shape of a dragon.
Andrew: Good Lord! I just birthed a damn fudge dragon!!

Dan: Oh Snap man! It must breathe fire cause it smells like death in here!
by SteveCravehorn May 08, 2007