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One who has a closed mind and is confined to tradition and
doesn't see the need to be constructively creative. Laziness.
Often demanding groveling.
We can't expand,
we can't create,
we can't do what is best for everyone etc.
because of various stupid reasonings.
by Linda Benbow January 06, 2004
Someone who doesn't want to do anything, goof off,play around and have fun.Another word for a party pooper.
You are a fuddy dud!
by hiphoptop February 02, 2010
One who won't watch a TV show with her husband cause she is too tired and wants to go to bed instead!
Diane is a Fuddy Dud because she won't watch a television show with her husband.....she would rather go to bed.
by Sci_Borg September 30, 2003
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