To be in a very unfavorable position. A more specific version of the very versatile word fucked.
There are probably 10 cop cars outside, we are so fuct.
by MFolks December 23, 2007
FUCT: From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

Has noone else picked up on this?

by kcs September 24, 2006
type of sex/bondage where duct tape is used to hold the person in place, and whips are made out of duct tape and the gag is a ball of ductape in the mouth wit more tape around the head to hold it in place.

also lingerie made from duct tape
man i was she would tell me im gonna get fuct... she would look hot in duct tape panties!
by kyguy February 24, 2009
The techie term for broken.

F ailed
U nder
C onstant
T esting
Woah dude, our projecter is fuct.
by TheTechieDude June 01, 2009
A way to write "FUCKED" that somehow isn't obscene.
"I'm fuct!"
by commonwealth1325 October 23, 2003
a clothing line based in germany
fuct has cool jeans
by Nick Harmon December 13, 2003
Its passed fucked and gone on to fuct!
"Oooh man we are all fuct now."
by Kismet Awry November 22, 2003

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