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fucl (pron. fuckle)

A typo of the often used fuck, most likely to be said when angry, or frustrated. Common use may be heard verbally if the subject is prone to typing fucl.
Typing - "*spawncamped repeatedly* god damnit shit fucl n3wblets!"

Verbal - "*girlfriend calls* I wanna break up!" "Well fucl."
by Nick February 14, 2005
Fucl is a verb! It describes the intense middle of making-out and intercourse, it is considered to be having sex with your clothes on! It can be heavy or light, rough or gentle, whatever you like. The only rule is that you must have clothes on and the girl (or Guy for bi-sexual or gay couples) must have her legs around the guy (or girl for other types of relationships) and there must be hand action by the top person (on the back, in between the legs massaging the vaginal area, or where ever your partners "hot spots" are! So get out there and try it, it's amazingly fun and safe!
Doctor Love Offices
look at the top for the examples of fucling
by Doctor Love Offices April 15, 2009
Fucked Up Chinese Logic
The fact the Chinese government makes Monday and Tuesday a holiday but Saturday and Sunday working days is FUCL.
by BPChina December 10, 2009
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