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One whom wields so much fucking bullshit that they must have a wagon attatched to their ass to carry it all.
Eric: "Hey Billy, I had your mother last night."
Billy: "Fuck off Eric, you're full of shit."

Eric: "You know Claire, I heard Billy likes to wear little girls panties for fun."

Claire: "God Billy, Eric is such a fuckwagon, why do you hang out with him?"
Billy: "I don't. Who told you I hang out with him?"
Claire: "HE did."
Billy: "God, what a FUCKWAGON!"
by KaiKai June 06, 2007
an extreme whore, a prostitute
I'm going to go hit up that fuck wagon for a booty call.
by Time89 November 29, 2004
A term of disrespect, usually similar in meaning to either whore, fink or backstabber.

But usually just used at careless abandon, like douchebag or faggot.
Michael! You, sir, are a fuck wagon!
by Wayne Mackin April 17, 2007
1)One who treats his 'friends' terribly, must always argue about everything.
2)One who must always be right, and always be the best at whatever is unders discussion at the given time.
3)One who might talk out both sides of their mouth, a backstabber, an asshole.
"Man, that Tim has been a real FUCKWAGON lately."
"No shit."
by guessieus-whosieus January 11, 2004

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