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when you wanna call someone a fucking cunt, but dont have time.

short form of someone who really pisses you off, for an number of reasons.
You are such a fuckunt Martha.

Dude, Charly, your MOMS a fuckunt....
by Anonymous February 04, 2003
New Zealand Heavy metal band also known as banned
by fuck - unt April 09, 2003
the mixture between a fuck and a cunt
Dude, get your fuckunt outa my fridge 4 i beat the beJESUS outa your wifes husbands daughters lips
by dinosaur December 12, 2003
FUCKUNT is a grindcore band from croydon, england. we don't give a fuck what that band from new zealand think, we're probably better anyway.
"Stupid face, stupid clothes, stupid hair, stupid cunt. Why don't you just fuck off?":FUCKUNT-'Why don't you just fuck off?'
by sam fuckunt December 04, 2005