Caboose...that's it... just "Caboose"

A person considered to be foolish or socially inept while also being irritatingly offensive

A person who makes retarded people look normal
Caboose, you team killing fucktard!

Give me back my banana you goddam fucktard!

Look, that fucktard makes them look cool!
by NosyDeadmeat May 31, 2006
A word that i can't stand any longer!
Just say it properly... F U C K I N G ... R E T A R D.
Is it to much to ask??
Kid 1: STFU FUCKTARD!!!!!!!!!!11111
Guy: Your'e a fucking idiot!! learn how to talk dickhead.
by what!?!? May 25, 2005
is a combination of a fuck juice and custard cake.
dude, you are gross! you are such a fucktard.
by freediver May 11, 2005
A person who is a fucking retard!
Man you are a fucking retard!
by MICHELLE January 07, 2005
An ingenious contraction of the words fucking and retard. Used often to insult each other while playing online in Halo.
"You shot Church you teamkilling fucktard!" -Tucker- Red vs. Blue Episode 8
by Anonymous August 08, 2004
1.PWNAGE MASTER (for saying people who post here are fucktards but.. he had to post to say that. you fucktard)
2.Fucking+Retard = Fucktard
3. A phrase made by some random person that can usually be heard when walking by a group of teenagers.
Dude: Dude.. whats up with that guy talking to the K Mart store?
Guy: Hell if I know man.. don't pay attention to him, he's just a fucktard.
by Kazer July 07, 2004
Someone with an IQ of less than my shoe.
You fucktard!
by D January 25, 2004

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