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Like a jam or custard tard, but saltier.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
One who acts retarded and thinks he knows everything.
Elliott is a fucktard
by Devin August 26, 2003
A person for whom the word retard is too good. This word is reserved for people who do or say things that even the most retarded of retards wouldn't do
Man, you're a fucktard.
by Semi Essessi July 18, 2003
A generic Insult.. often used in Conjuction with other words...
That guy is such a Shitty McFuckTard...
by Omega May 07, 2003
A "fucking retard" eg. one whose IQ is smaller than their shoe size
You actually payed for music? How much of a fucktard are you?
by Lagman March 12, 2003
Like a fucker, only slow on Bourbon.
What the dilly-ho, that man was a fucktard when he bent my wife over. I say, ole chap that man was fucking fucktarded!
by SUH-WEE SUH-WEE March 08, 2003
When somebody is so obviously retarded...cant take a single hint and they piss everyone off. They act totally gay and try way to hard to be funny. the combination of a ''fuckin retard'' : fuck-tard
Chik 1:
Hey, this guy totally tried to impersonate Seth Rogan,which I totally love Seth MuthaFuckin Rogan..not only was he NOT funny..he was 5 foot ugly..smelled like dirty vag..and when he laughed in my face I almost choked to death on his rotten ass-fuck dead-stank-breath! He really thought I liked him and he would NOT leave..!! LMAO!

Chik 2:
What a FUCK-TARD!!!

Chik 3: Yea..fuck-tards mhmm everyday..

Chik 1: Where the fuck did you come from chik# 3???


Fuck-Tard aka Chik #3: UUHHHGGGHHMMMMEEWW!!! I WAS JUST TRYIN TO BE AWSEOME LIKE YOUU..awww mann I hate my life!

Random Dude walkin by: I HATE YOUR LIFE TO BITCH! ( random dude most likely a fuck-tard)
by MadiMadiMadi February 27, 2010