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A real botard, elmore, maroon, jackweed or fuck up. Stupid and annoying at the same time.
Dubya is not just dumb, he's a fucktard.
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
A word combining the two words; Fuck and retard, not offending people with MR. Meaning fucking retarded or fucking retard. Also pronounced as fucktarded.
"Dude I tripped up my stairs at home and knocked out my teeth!" "Dude you're fucktarded, you fucktard!"
by Ben Coyer May 24, 2008
1. Referring to an individual who is acting or simply is retarded to an extreme degree.
2. A person is fucking retarded.
3. Someone such as myself for writing something like this would also be considered as such.
4. A general use put-down.
"Stop drinking all the Nyquil and share it you fucktard."

"Ted is being such a fucktard, he won't stick his dick in a girls ass."

"Jesus Bill, you fucking pissed yourself, are you some kind of fucktard or something?"
by Apple Jax Banana Pants April 15, 2008
FUCK-TARD- Combination of the words fuck and retard.
Charlie was a fuck-tard because he left his car running for 8 hours while he was not there.
by KVNHPNR January 31, 2008
same thing as an asshat.
Mr. Rogers: That fucktard is such an asshat.
Kid: GP.
by Goonie Goo Goo January 27, 2007
The ultimate insult. If you are called a fucktard, there is nothing more you can do. Even if you say "That's what she said" as a comeback, you will still be the loser. Fucktard is the curse which destroys all hope for winning an insult duel. This term is most likely taken from "Red vs Blue"
Bryan: Tom u such a fucktard!

Tom: I...well ur a...but..........(Explode Head!)
by Xno Malaria April 29, 2006
Fucktard is the mix of the two words: Fucking and Retard

In 2012 fucktard was nominated for The Best Compound Word Award at the annual Awesome Words Awards. Unfortunately though, fucktard lost to the word cum-swapper.
"Trevor, you are a fucktard." says Howie
"Trevor, you are a giant fucktard that swaps cum with other guys, therefore you are a cum-swapper." exclaims Zac
by Definitely Not God March 14, 2013
Fucking Bastard
Get the Hell outta ma bed , u ls fucktard
by creative j July 22, 2012