A real botard, elmore, maroon, jackweed or fuck up. Stupid and annoying at the same time.
Dubya is not just dumb, he's a fucktard.
by Prim n Proper September 26, 2007
A fucktard is someone who thinks the number before the word fucktard in each definition heading is static... i.e. doesn't change, even though it's obviously there to provide ever changing ranking based on user votes.

For example:

Nottwo O' Won is a fucktard.
by BarfieThe Corndog October 18, 2007
The bastardisation of two words: "fuck" and "tard" - the latter being a shortened version of "retard", a derogatory word to decribe those with lesser mental ability. In use, it is an insult that can usually express two emotions at once - complete fustration and disbelief. Frustration at the stupidity of someone, and disbelief that yes, they are actually that stupid.
"He is such a fucking fucktard!"
A grammatical note: fucktard is what is called a blend. There are many entries calling this a contraction. However, it is in fact a blend.
Other blends:

smoke + fog = smog
motor + hotel = motel
fuck + retard = fucktard
by The Swank Linguist May 10, 2007
One who is incredibly stupid, beyond even that of a retard.

Many years ago, the average population of the fuck tard was thought to diminish over time due to the retarded fucking activities fuck tards often engage in (such as rolling a bowling ball down a slide into their testicles, potentially causing serious damage to them). However, this is not the case.

Through the invention of the internet (and websites such as youtube and 4chan), the fuck tard population has skyrocketed dramatically. Seeking fame among other fuck tards, many fuck tards will upload videos of themselves doing fucktarded things.

Other fuck tards may see these videos and decide to either 1.) recreate the fucktarded activity they had just seen or 2.) try to 1up the fuck tard for fuck tard street cred. The aforementioned fuck tard will also upload a video of himself engaging in whatever activity he decided upon.

In turn, this has lead to a shitstorm of fucktardation, the likes of which we have never before witnessed in history.
Lil fuck tard: Sup bromontana, you see that vid on youtube of that guy doing pull ups from that crane without any safety gear?

Fuck tard youngling: Yeah, it might be a good idea for us to try that ourselves
by slamthevag March 12, 2011
A person who screws up everything that they do.
If you are stuck working with this person they will screw up all that hard work you have put in. But because this person is a fucktard they will get away with it and all blame is pushed on to you.
Dale: Jamie you've shit all over our hard work you fucktard!
Jamie Simms: I'm sorry I cant help it Dale i'm incontinant aswell as being a fucktard.
Mrs Macinally: Dale why are you shouting at Jamie again? you know he's a fucktard. Oh god and you've crapped on all your hard work. for god sake Dale!
by Glynn Thomas April 04, 2008
Idiotic, Someone who's a complete and utter moron beyond a reason of a doubt
Your such a fuck tard!
by amoffitt05 September 29, 2006
A complete and utter fucking retard
50 cent is a Fucktard waste of sperm
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
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