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n. fuckstack: a stack of things; a shitload, an assload, a shit ton; the mind as a manifestation of your sentience that kinda chills in your head.

v. fuckstack, -ing: stacking items, ideas, PBRs or tweets; increasing dramatically.

adj. fuckstacked: stacked up; crammed, clogged, jammed; immense.

adv. fuckstack: supreme.
n. fuckstack: "I want a fuckstack of french toast."

n. fuckstack: "Thinking about the logistics of that just blew my fuckstack to pieces."

v. fuckstack: "Aight, who the dicks wants to fuckstack PBR with me? I'm ready to crunk it up."

v. fuckstacking: "Fuckstacking my bladder box with Monster."

adj. fuckstacked: "I love a fuckstacked inbox."

adv. fuckstack: "Holy ducking shiv dick on the floor fuckstack disabled analytical operations compromised rerouting all basic processing help"
by 93octane October 21, 2008