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one whos conversations are always about sexual actions, ideas or experiences - most likely caused due to some childhood expieriencces and an abnormal development - but in real life most times those folks are most romantic (and jet limitless perverted) but dont enjoy the herassment of others but the exploration...
"you fuckmonger! stop it! we want to watch the damn movie! everytime you´re talking about your heini or my girls titts - hey we all know theyre hot so get your own one - daaaamn!"

"honey why are we still hanging around this immature fuck?"

"cause he´s a nice guy and somewhat funny - don´t be so hard on him and slip your fingers into my panties"
by PRtelekinesis January 22, 2010
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Almost as bad as a mother fucker but not quite.
God, that cop was a real fuck monger.
by snabald July 13, 2003
One who loves to be among people fucking,without fucking oneself.
I only go to these parties to get high and be a fuckmonger,no im not gonna pull your wifes hair for you.
by Trace Thaggard March 17, 2005

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