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Another way of saying hell or fuck.
What the fuckluck are you doing with my salmon?
by fuckluck April 04, 2009
1 0
Dual usage:
1. A stroke of astonishing luck that comes out of no where!

2. A very bad luck incident near the end of a string of bad luck that seems to never go away.
1. Person scratches off lottery ticket. "Fuck luck! I just won the damn lottery!"

2. Person has a car wreck after leaving late and spilling coffee on themselves. "Fuck luck! Can it get any fucking worse!!"
by flacker September 20, 2005
16 5
Is just another way of saying hey fucker with a little something extra.
What's up fuckluck, what were you doing last night crackalacking?
by Greg March 28, 2005
5 2