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the anniversary of the first time you slept together.
Sarah: Yesterday was our fuckiversary. Our first date anniversary is next week.

Erica: Wow, you waited almost a year!

Sarah: Not exactly...
by EmmyJane January 04, 2008
26 9
(Fuck-uh-verse-ary) The anniversary date of the first time you and a certain person fornicated.
N: "Really? It hasn't been that long since we started seeing eachother..."

D: "Yeah, it has, its been about three months... you forgot when we first fucked?"
N: "Shit, I forgot our fuck anniversary... our fuckiversary. Tomorrow, Fuckiversary begins."
D: "Ok, were the ... 21st of each month."
by Nai Mig August 20, 2010
6 1