A random comment to someone who is being an arse, queer, coolies etc...
*Your a fucken fucker stupid fuck
*You are one queer mother fucker
*HEHE Fucker!!!
by jadifa April 21, 2005
participant in a relationship that is sex only
I told my lover not to wait up I'm seeing my fucker tonight.
by miranda4 February 03, 2009
One who fucks/screws up a situation; one who worsens a situation that is already bad.
Jimmy is a real fucker.
by lady-bee April 09, 2006
one that fucks...
are you a fucker? You look like a dirty manwhore who fucks around
by fuckety fuck fuck fuck October 24, 2003
1)One who fucks; The person in control of the fucking. 2)A stupid annoying assmonkey.
1)Fucker: I'm going to fuck you.
2)Fucker:Hahah! Look at me I'm so cool! Lick my balls!
Non-fucker: Hey you! Fucker! Go to hell!
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
1. One who is/or acts, speaks, loves...like a true border hopper. Originating from the depths of tijuana, quite often found in places such as Castle Park. With their accents growing stronger, and the continuous comming about of babies, fuckers do infact make up a vast amount of the population of Southern Califas.
1. "He rolled up in his impala, bumping that Mr. Sancho sound, the ragtop neat and candy paint close to the ground..he is a true fucker."

2. Fucker Affection: "Ayye...baby i love you and shit.."

3. Fucker Fortune: "Oye go get some more cotton candy holmes.."
"Orale ese pero i dont have no money holmes.."
"Baby go get us some more cotten candy aye.."
"Fuck baby i dont got any eitherrr.."
by unknown vato August 05, 2007
person(s) who get a 32 on their ACT and brag about it.
tyler: dude i told you it was mongooses!
nathan: shut up, i got a 32 on my ACT...
tyler: FUCKER.
by hobo jesus November 27, 2007

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