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A verbal award of sorts, usually blurted out uncontrollably in public when someone proves human stupidity in a hitherto unfamiliar manner.
Cor, fuckbiscuit just bit t' priest. Call 911 - and stop looking at me like that.
by Wetdryvac November 21, 2004
A girl who is so good to fuck you don't even care if she makes you pancakes in the morning.
"Hey man, did you have breakfast this morning?"
"Nah. I had all I could handle with my little fuck biscuit last night."
by Graham nation June 29, 2013
A term relavant to that of hell. It is used to describe a state of unhappiness. It is mostly used as a simily to describe a form of discomfort.
Dude, its hot as fuck biscuits out here.
by phonermanon June 12, 2010
like okay a fuck biscuit is when you knock a ho up and like you accidently left i little fuck biscuit in her
"dude i guess i didnt use a rubber,
HAHA dude you have a fuck biscuit in her,
yea dude i knocked the ho up"
by julian_boredom December 24, 2007
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