A state of everything being all messed up.
This apartment is in a constant state of fuckage.
by umpazump August 03, 2006
Top Definition
when nothing goes your way; everything you touch turns to shit
Today has been total fuckage!!!
by Moon Wizard March 31, 2009
the state of being fucked
*gets raped brutally* FUCKAGE MAN!
by jdsowhatwannafight? April 06, 2004
when an object is messed up, but not broke.
Because i grind on the right side, the right pedal has more fuckage than the left pedal. GAT DAMMIT
by seth wants dreads July 15, 2003
All encompassing; all things that fuck or are fucked
Embrace the fuckage.
by Sock (butthurt) Monkey January 07, 2011
IS fuckable or Material able to be fucked
Dude, that is some fuckage over there. See her/him.
by Elizabeth0001 August 22, 2007
after the act of sexual intercoarse and theres a puddle of cum where you had sex.
After I banged her I rolled over and laid right in the fuckage!
by alyons31 December 17, 2010
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