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any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone.
The 6% guaranteed interest payments from Bill's investments earn him about 12 million dollars per year. His standard of living only requires approximately $4,000,000 per year. He will never need to be employed by anyone. He has "fuck you money".
by crimson May 04, 2003
Enough money to be able to say fuck you to anybody on the planet.
Bill gates was offered a knighthood, but he has fuck you money, so he didn't show.
by James Jesterton January 15, 2008
An very large amount of money, which would enable an individual to do pretty much whatever the fuck he or she wants. Fuck you money is not a fixed amount, but is just much more then anyone could realistically put to good use.
by fencehog February 12, 2003
An amount of wealth that enables an individual to reject traditional social behavior and niceties of conduct without fear of consequences.
These Bancrofts, thirty-odd descendants of the gargantuan Bostonian Clarence Walker Barron, who bought the paper in 1902, include bankers and writers and equestrians. The more senior among them, it is assumed, detest Rupert Murdoch, just as their parents must have bridled at the former Journal editor Norman Pearlstine's marriage to Nancy Friday, a flamboyant author of sex studies. "But they don't have 'fuck-you money' anymore," a former reporter said of the Bancrofts. "They're nice and rich, but not ungodly so. It matters to the younger generation."
-McGrath, Ben. "News About News." New Yorker. 14 May 2007: 47-48.
by ungodly rich May 12, 2007
Money spent on business operations with the pupose of fighting down business enemies rather than maximize profit.
"Fuck-you-money: An investor buying a company in front of another investor even though he or she could earn more on spending the capital otherwise.
by Arneheisann April 23, 2009
The amount of money it takes on a digital jukebox to skip everyone else's choices and play your song next.
I've got $3, which is fuck you money at this jukebox.
by aspecialthing February 01, 2011
Fake bills used in hiphop videos to rain down or to be thrown in the air by the performing artists while gesturing and posturing in a manner that communicates "fuck you" to the viewer.
Stage assitant 1 to stage assistant 2: "the director requested more bling! We need to empty at least 5 more bags of fuck you money in front of the ventilator!"
by thoughtstream November 27, 2012
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