In going to commit suicide now, thanks... Assholes...
Girl: shut up.
Boy: Fuck. You.
by sweater-weather-txa February 21, 2015
A synonym for "no."
Gary: "Is it going to rain tomorrow?"
Olivia: "Fuck you!"
Gary: "So I guess we're still going to the beach, then."
by punkyinpurple August 01, 2012
Fuck You

A good greeting and a good way to get to know people.
Person 1: Hello.

Person 2: Fuck you!

Person 1: Well met.
by DisCDicSicKidzAf August 20, 2011
"Fuck You" is a response you give to someone who just called out your bullshit.
Me: You had to look up "Fuck You" on Urban Dictionary? Are you a fucking imbecile? Even foreigners who don't know what "Fuck You" means... know what "Fuck You" means!!
You: Fuck You!
by Hughe Ganis March 12, 2015
An expression to use against anyone who tries to falsely call you out.
According to this contract... Fuck you!
by anyling March 07, 2015
Used so much it has now become a way to say hello to your close friends.
yOU: Hey it's Tim. HEY FUCK YOU ! *while waving to your Friend.

Tim: HEY FUCK YOU!. * and waves back
by Large man hands March 13, 2009
A term used to make somebody stop annoying you. Used Especially when the person you talk to is an asshole.
John: Hey bro' you know i saw your sister the other day... She is so hot!
Roger: Fuck you!
by N.A. July 31, 2005
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