Fuck you imbecile!


Go suck your penis
Fuck you
by thechallenger August 16, 2014
A synonym for "no."
Gary: "Is it going to rain tomorrow?"
Olivia: "Fuck you!"
Gary: "So I guess we're still going to the beach, then."
by punkyinpurple August 01, 2012
Fuck You

A good greeting and a good way to get to know people.
Person 1: Hello.

Person 2: Fuck you!

Person 1: Well met.
by DisCDicSicKidzAf August 20, 2011
Used so much it has now become a way to say hello to your close friends.
yOU: Hey it's Tim. HEY FUCK YOU ! *while waving to your Friend.

Tim: HEY FUCK YOU!. * and waves back
by Large man hands March 13, 2009
A way of showing anger towards another person, it is a very common unoriginal way of insulting a person used mainly by uncreative teens and people that just can't come up with their own ideas.
Kid 1: You hacker!
Kid 2: Fuck you!
by Ryouu November 25, 2012
a song by the legendary band death corpse.
Person 1: have you listened to fuck you yet
Person 2: oh yeah its mad as
by dc fan December 14, 2008
Often pejorative, occasionally congratulatory.
Common: "You just ran over my cat! Fuck you!"

Rare: "Fuck you, that's a very funny t-shirt."
by jaylizzle March 20, 2007

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