what you refer to your ass as if you fart during sex
I was so gassy the other night, I was banging this chick and I couldn't stop my fuck trumpet from playing.
by Doug the Spider May 16, 2010
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A man's penis (instrument to be blown).
When I opened the door I walked in on my wife, shall we say, playing another man's fuck trumpet.
by Molbänhän December 08, 2012
A thick tart who likes the taste but is not presentable to your mates. (Mentally, cos physically they would. Wouldn't they? I did!
My last shag was a bit of a fuck trumpet so I had to dump her as soon as she opened her mouth. (What a shame.)
by jadio August 14, 2003
n. one who makes mouth-noises resembling fornicating with a brass musical instrument.
c'mon man don't be a fucktrumpet

Wow seth mcfarlane was being a serious fucktrumpet on the oscars
by acualy-is-tuba-palyer February 25, 2013

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