Someone who is being rude, stupid, retarded, or otherwise just really pissing you off.
Dude, don't be a fuckstick!
by B-Mac! May 08, 2007
A word meaning complete idiot. Sometimes said when someone is really pissing you off.
What are you?... You're a fuckstick!

Shut your fucking face ya fuckstick!

For fuck sake... fuck off you fucking fuckstick!
by Ernie January 26, 2005
A moron;a person who is accustomed to being a 'sugardaddy' without benefit of a sexual relationship. Usually of the endomorphic type; withdrwawn and brooding.
Jeffro is a major fuckstick, and he obviously can't find his asshole with both hands and a funnel.
by Lord Jirate December 31, 2003
A person who generally shows no concern for the well being of those close to them (namely family and friends) and would stab anyone in the back just to get what they want (namely sexual encounters with people of either gender).
Tell tale characteristics include vague descriptions of life experiences (especially recent ones), humor as a tool of distraction, inadequate sexual apendage, and a host of STDs that they'll never admit to.
'Dude, you know that guy Jerry? He lied about being married and cheated on his wife who was sitting at home with his newborn baby! What a Fuck-Stick!
by The Prophet J February 24, 2010
1. A hard cock
2. A douchebag who brags about how they're good at everything when actually they suck at life in general
3. A generic term used for someone that is a dumbass
What a fuckstick, Clinton is so damn stupid he could fuck up a wet dream.
by The Huds April 02, 2007
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