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1: A woman who is so sexually promiscuous that her pussy is now the size of a bucket
2: A complete and utter idiot who annoys you constantly.
1: I met this girl and her pussy was a right fuck bucket
2: Tony is such a fuck bucket i just want to twat him
by Johnny Big Balls March 21, 2005
colloquial term for a woman who has repeatedly engaged in carnal activities, to the point whereupon she becomes overly enlarged.
She's such a fuckbucket, you need to strap a plank across your arse to stop from falling in
by Gazza February 06, 2003
A woman's love tunnel or pussy hole.
I am inserting a broomstick in this heap of shit's fuck bucket.
by E April 16, 2005
Derogatory term for a person who appears to be a complete zero.
Alec Baldwin is such a complete fuckbucket. Why doesn't he shove dynamite up his ass?
by 7samurai December 08, 2002
Similar to douche bag and fucktard
Hey, stop being a fuck bucket. Suck it up and take your lumps....
by Justanotherlonelyhousewife February 23, 2011
1.(adj.) Derogatory term for a person who acts similar to a jackass or even generally stupid.
I yelled 'fuckbucket' when the football referee made an unfair call.
The guys standing in front of me turned around and looked at me with utter amazement.
by kpasa21 September 10, 2005
A dumb ass person/animal/thing that makes you mad in .01 seconds flat...
Orbit (cat) get off the bed, you fuck bucket!!
by Cathy-gryphsmommy May 15, 2005