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A special type of bitch. This species comes from central and south Florida. They tend to use the phrase "Tampa bro" a lot and are soft as cupcakes.
I slapped that shitty fuck boi last night when he got done talking that fuck boi shit to me.
by StonCldKilaTruGstaFromDaStrets February 04, 2010
When one person of friend is being annoying, or bitchy. Not wanting to do what everyone else wants to do:
<I>Hanging out with a large group of people waiting to get picked up to go to the movies:</I>

<I>"is everyone ready?"</I>
<I>"i don't know, I don't really feel like going anymore.."</I>
<I>"Dude come on, you're being a little fuckboi"</I>
by URBAN February 18, 2012
A person who will never answer their phone or contact you back after you've tried to reach them. Typically, although not necessarily of Algerian and French descent.
by fuckboihatin November 29, 2013
A fuck boi is that one 15 year old boy you have on facebook who posts selfies of himself pouting with more than one filter applied over the picture and gets way more like than he deserves.

Typically fuck bois have gelled quiffs, think that it is acceptable for a boy to pout in photos and frequently post selfies with their 'six pack' in full display.

They have over 100 likes on their profile picture because they have 2,000 girls as friends facebook and simultaneously flirt with them all, have smoked weed twice yet own HUF socks and post pictures of their Nikes on instagram with the heart eyes emoji as the caption.

Fuck bois often think that they are cool for bragging about having sex or getting drunk.
"this fuck boi needs to stop writing soppy paragraphs on my facebook newsfeed, everyone knows he's only doing it to get into the pants of one of the 2,000 girls he's friends with"
by definepseudonym September 22, 2014
another word for motherfucker
This word could be a positive or negative

that fuck boi right there is a true fuck boi
by Ric Boi April 21, 2008