A parting comment designed to give good luck.
"I'm gonna go demand my dollar back for this shitty hamburger."
"Yo, fuckshitup."
by Jesus December 03, 2003
the act of getting wasted off of stolen alcohol; typically followed by various acts of destruction upon a neighborhood, which may or may not include the act of burglary/grand theft
I'm bored, lets go fuck shit up
by duuuuuuuuude123 May 16, 2009
To cause trouble by being careless on purpose, or to cause a riot.
Also Used in a song from be you're own pet
"Have fun, and be safe with it, just kidding, FUCK SHIT UP."
by .E.D. August 19, 2006
to consume drugs, consume alcohol, party, and get fucked up!
Afro: What are we gonna do tonight johnny?
Afro: Ahh fuck shit up!!
by Afro<-- October 06, 2010
(1) to mess up, to make something fubared, and/or to mess with for no reason

(2) to smoke a certain amount of weed therefore messing your self up
i'm bored, we aren't doing anything, lets go fuck some shit up
by kay December 08, 2003
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