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Dual usage:
1. A stroke of astonishing luck that comes out of no where!

2. A very bad luck incident near the end of a string of bad luck that seems to never go away.
1. Person scratches off lottery ticket. "Fuck luck! I just won the damn lottery!"

2. Person has a car wreck after leaving late and spilling coffee on themselves. "Fuck luck! Can it get any fucking worse!!"
by flacker September 20, 2005
Is just another way of saying hey fucker with a little something extra.
What's up fuckluck, what were you doing last night crackalacking?
by Greg March 28, 2005
A sexual encounter in which the participants bring food, drugs, and other goodies to the soirée. A portmanteau of the words fuck and potluck.
What are you bringing to the fuckluck? I got snacks, and Adam's got the vodka.
by NinthTentacle June 05, 2015
Another way of saying hell or fuck.
What the fuckluck are you doing with my salmon?
by fuckluck April 04, 2009
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