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1) Someone who while having sexual intercourse thinks they are a dragon, and or, imitates one.
2) Someone who wears a dragon costume/outfit during sexual intercourse.
3) Someone who claims their partner as a part of their hoard and will only have sex with them if they are covered in gold, aka their loot
Beth: Oh my god. Brad was being a total fuck dragon! He wore a dragon costume to bed, and said he would only fuck me if I painted my body gold, and when he came he screamed out loud. But the worst was him flapping his arms and trying to fly away after it all.
by 💝 FuFu 💝 May 21, 2016
1.) A Slag
2.) Individual lacking in moral fiber
3.) Individual who enjoys sleeping around
So Doyle, I hear the ol' fuck dragon is not giving you the pink slide anymore.
by J-coug January 30, 2008
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