Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
"This guy is FUBAR!"
by PsYKo July 08, 2003
Fucked Up, But Alright- a phrase used to convey that you are very drunk and/or high, but feeling good. As opposed to Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (e.g. too drunk and puking).
-You man, I can't believe you just drank that whole handle of whiskey, you okay?

-No worries man, I'm FUBAR.
#drunk #high #blazed #retarded #fucked up #shit faced
by SeitzFace Killa March 23, 2008
Anyone or anything having any of the qualities of a filthy, hairy, homeless man riding a subway train in his boxers and follows people. Often capitalized.
You are THE FUBAR, you fat ugly bitch!

We better chill at your place, my house is mad fubar.

Put your feet down man, your legs are mad fubar!

At least you don't bug me like this FUBAR over here...

My school is messed up-my principal's a real FUBAR.

This cafateria food is so FUBAR...
by The Bikeyorph December 09, 2004
motel near eat n park where hookers and lonely gentlemen go for pleasure.
Yo, lets go to the Fubar.
by Jeremy June 09, 2004
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/
Fucked Up Bastards All Round
With all due respect this mission is FUBAR sir/
This Place has FUBAR
by PIMP Dizzle October 23, 2003
fucked up beyond all repair
um the movie, pretty much
by fhgwgads April 07, 2003
German reference for sex similar to English's Fuck. Given an acronym in World War II to describe the shittiest of shitty situations. The acronym being:
Reason,repair, recognition etc...
"Goddammit captain, He took a .50 cal through the head. He's Fubar."


"What do you mean leave him behind? Theres nothing left of him to leave! He's fubar!"
by Scotty Big Mac September 18, 2005
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