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This word became a word today, because my partner was so wound up about something really bad that happened to her that she mashed a whole bunch of words together. The Words she mashed together was, fucking, debacle and fiasco so it came out as fubacle. A word I think quite appropriate, it could also be used to describe situations where FUBAR is normally applied. It can be PC'd to be a combination word of fiasco and debacle. The word is a combination word. To describe something that went horribly wrong.
My dog was so bad today, she got off her leash, ran across a busy street, crapped on some strangers lawn, got all muddy and ran into a house that people were moving in and out of. I was so was a total fubacle.
#fiasco #debacle #snafu #fubar #horrible #disasterous
by Karm November 03, 2012
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