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proper job of an english breafast, fried eggs,bacon,toast,hash browns, the legend of a breakfast.
mum can you do a fry up this morning?
by lotti england January 21, 2007
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A meal composed of fried food. Typically this will consist of several of the following: bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, fried bread, mushrooms, black pudding, potato cakes................

This tasty combination can be enjoyed at any time of day but in the UK is offered as breakfast in hotels and guest houses, and is often much enjoyed as a Saturday tea (early dinner) or as a brunch.

However, too many fry-ups can lead to love handles, spots and even premature death!
"I fancy a fry-up tonight!"

"Are you sure? If you get any fatter you will cause a tsunami when you sit down suddenly!"
by w00fdawg October 30, 2005
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Vic Reeves on Shooting Stars: "Stephen Fry with an erection = a Fry up"
by bobontoast September 09, 2010
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a fat bloke who eats only fried food, usually starts the day with 2 full english breakfast's followed by a pint of melted butter, anyform of takeaway for lunch and dinner providing the product has more than 78,000 cal's.

can also be seen walking around town out of breath looking in bins to sustain him untill his next snack in 3 minutes,
invented the battered mars bar,
invented deep fried ice cream,
you need to get to the gym fryup, all that lard is gunna kill u

have you seen john and fryup
by chinese alan May 22, 2009
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